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Birthday and Losar Gifts for Khenpo Rinpoche and Our Nalandabodhi Teachers

Give Khenpo Rinpoche an 80th Birthday Gift!

Join Our Losar Celebration on Sunday, March 2

See below to donate or pledge!

Our annual Losar celebration (Tibetan New Year) will be on Sunday, March 2.  The date was chosen to coincide with the celebration in Nepal of the 80th birthday of our teacher’s root guru, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.  Our teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and a large gathering of his students, including a couple fortunate members of our own sangha, will be there in person!

Our Birthday Gift:  Support Khenpo’s Nuns!

In honor of Khenpo’s birthday, we would like to offer him a birthday gift in the form of donations to support the nuns at his nunneries.KTGRNunsInside2

For many years, Khenpo Rinpoche has put much love and attention in supporting female monastic practitioners. He has exerted careful effort in establishing study and practice opportunities in nunneries, shedras (monastic colleges), and three-year retreats, which are traditionally and commonly only offered to male practitioners. If there was ever a great example of how to practice equanimity, Khenpo Rinpoche is it!

You can read more here.  (Although you can donate directly on that page, we would prefer to collect donations as a group—see how to donate below.)

You can choose between two ways to give:  an immediate, direct offering that will be used to to purchase robes and provide a modest stipend for nuns.†  Robes cost about $30 each, and NB also wishes to raise enough funds to give a small $10 stipend to each of the 250 nuns in Khenpo’s monasteries.  The deadline for pledges for this purpose is Friday, Feb. 28.

You can also give to the regular annual support fund for the nuns administered through the Marpa Foundation.*  A year’s support for 1 nun is $720.  NB hopes to raise funds to support 20 nuns on an ongoing basis for 3 years.

Losar Gifts for our Gifted Teachers

In addition, the worldwide Nalandabodhi community, including our sangha, traditionally gathers gift donations for the exceptional teachers within Nalandabodhi, including the Mitras, acharyas, lamas and other talented teachers.†  You can learn more about our teachers here.

How to Donate

We would like as many of our sangha and friends to participate as possible— the gesture of an open-hearted gift has greater significance than the amount.  You can donate through PayPal here, or via cash, check or credit card at NBCT.  To mail a check, see the address below.  Thank you so much for giving!

If you do not want to donate today, please e-mail your pledge commitment to NalandabodhiCT@gmail.com.  Pledges should be fulfilled by April 15.  (We’ll send you a gentle reminder.)  Thank you!

Matching gifts!  We have two matching donations of up to $250 for Khenpo’s nuns, so your donation or pledge of $5 turns into $10 or $50 turns into $100. 

 Immediate Robes and Cash Stipend” Offering for  Khenpo Rinpoche’s Nuns

 Annual Support Fund for  Khenpo Rinpoche’s Nuns*

 Losar Gift for Nalandabodhi Teachers

The Fine Print

*The annual support fund donations for Khenpo Rinpoche’s nuns  will be made through the 501c3 Marpa Foundation and are fully tax-deductible.  †The “robes and cash stipend” donations to the nuns, as well as the Losar contributions, are being distributed directly to individuals as gifts and do not qualify as tax-deductible.  While there is great merit in your donations for any of these causes, we regret we cannot provide a tax-deductible receipt for the latter.

Checks may be mailed to:  Martin Wittmann, NBCT Finance;  125 Clifton Ave., West Hartford, CT 06107.  Tax-deductible statements are sent at year end or earlier.  For any questions, please contact Deb Calloway or Martin Wittmann.


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