“Aha!” Moments from the Winter Retreat


Our second East Coast Winter Retreat provided a precious time and space to listen, contemplate, and meditate with our beloved teachers. We had the great privilege to receive powerful teachings from Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyalsten, Acharya Lhakpa Tshering, and Mitra Mark Power. After the retreat, we asked participants to share some “aha!” moments of insight they experienced. Please enjoy a few “ahas!” and photographs below. (Click the photos for a full size version.)


“Lama Tenpa stated that ‘our nature is nondual present mind’, and that we can return to it by falling in love with the present moment in every moment. The key is to change our attitude with the present moment. So simple and true, yet I need to be reminded of this in every moment.”

“Lama Tenpa’s reminder to bring our intelligence to the cushion was very helpful.”


“Discernment means not only knowing what to adopt and what to reject; it also means knowing when to do so and when to restrain my critical faculties and instead to cultivate equanimity.”

“Mental afflictions–concepts mixed with belief–are the things to notice and work with. Make friends with the present moment. Grandma is ready to hug you in present moment.”



More photographs and “Aha!” moments coming soon!

Much gratitude to Karen de Luna providing the lovely photographs.

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