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2016/17 Winter Retreat

Fri., Dec. 30, 2016 through Tues.,  Jan. 3, 2017 – St. Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield, CT


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We all face challenges…

To act compassionately, we need a foundation of calm abiding (through shamatha meditation), the clarity of insight (via analytical meditation), and skillful ways of interacting with our world.

In this year’s 3- or 5-day winter retreat over the New Year’s weekend, you’ll find strong support for all three of these through teaching and your own sitting and walking meditation practice.

Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen will teach and guide analytical meditation practice, adapting the insights of the ancient ‘Mind-Only’ Buddhist philosophical school to our present day situation. Through this, we see how integral our minds are to the creation of our world. Our objective reality is not as solid and fixed as it appears to be.
This is stage II of Acharya’s new presentation of the Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness. It is suggested that participants listen to or review last year’s teachings, available here.

Acharya Lhakpa Tshering will teach and guide the foundational meditation practice of shamatha and the six transcendent virtues (paramitas).

Mitra Mark Power will help us clarify our own aspirations for the new year, and guide us in post-meditation mindful activity exercises that move us toward skillful application of our aspirations.

“As dharma practitioners and as people committed to working with our emotions, we must be the anchor of calmness, compassion, and sanity in these uncertain times.” — dzogchen ponlop rinpoche, on Facebook 11/12/2016

open to all

This retreat is open to all, and best for those with prior meditation experience. It offers an opportunity for extended meditation and learning with accomplished teachers and an excellent community.  For more details and how to register, see the program and registration info below.

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the teachers

Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen is an accomplished meditation master, a classmate and close colleague of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, and a professor of Buddhist Studies and Tibetan language at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.

Acharya Lhakpa Tshering is likewise an accomplished meditator and scholar from the same monastic college, and the resident teacher for East Coast Nalandabodhi centers and study groups.  Both Lama Tenpa and Acharya Lhakpa are wonderful examples of profound kindness, wisdom, and humor.  They are fluent English speakers and thoroughly attuned to our Western culture.

Mitra Mark Power draws on his life experience, including over 30 years of Buddhist practice to inform his work and teaching. He has been appointed as a senior teacher (or “Mitra”) in the Nalandabodhi community by Ponlop Rinpoche. Mark has long experience working as a chaplain, primarily in end-of-life-care settings. He currently provides coaching services to individuals and groups for personal, career and executive development in the the United States and China.

Please check back here or sign up on our e-mail list for updates on teachers and teaching topics for the retreat.

the program

The retreat provides an environment for silent shamatha (calm abiding) and vipashyana (analytical or insight) meditation.  The retreat includes:

  • Teaching by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen on analytical meditation.
  • Meditation instruction by senior teachers.
  • Sitting and walking meditation, alternating.
    • 7-9 hours per day for meditation and teaching sessions (some of which are at your option).
  • Contemplation and aspirations for the New Year.
  • Practice of silence until lunch every day. Individuals can also choose silent days or a completely silent retreat.
  • Tibetan yoga (lujong) every morning.
  • Options for a 3- or 5-day retreat, to accommodate your schedule.
  • All meals from Friday dinner through Tuesday lunch.
  • Lodging at St. Thomas seminary in either single or double rooms.

Some program elements and the detailed daily schedule are still being worked out, so check back for updates.

weekend-only (3-day) and 5-day options

If you are unable to attend the full retreat, you can attend Friday afternoon through Sunday (3 days, including Friday dinner), or the full retreat Friday afternoon through Tuesday lunch (5 days).

eligibility and registration, or RSVP

The retreat is recommended for people with some prior meditation experience.  (We want your experience to be positive. A multi-day retreat is a big commitment if you haven’t meditated before.)  Registrants are asked to fill out a short online background questionnaire. If you’re not quite ready to register but are interested in attending, your RSVP to us will help (click to send us an online RSVP).

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other practical details

  • Sign up now on our mailing list for retreat updates.
  • The retreat is fully residential.  All participants will stay on-site.
  • Meals are provided by St. Thomas Seminary’s excellent culinary staff.  Vegetarian options will be provided, and the staff will try to accommodate special dietary needs. You can provide your dietary preferences and restrictions in the background questionnaire when you register.
  • Event (calendar) page.


For questions, please e-mail nbct@nalandabodhi.org or call (860) 952-9332.  We’ll do our best to respond promptly.

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Format: MP3 CD, or downloadable MP3s.

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