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Join us for a 5-week workshop based on the newest book by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche:  Emotional Rescue: How to Work With Your Emotions To Transform Hurt And Confusion Into Energy That Empowers You.

Our next workshop starts Wednesday, May 3. Sign up now!

Please note that the “student” price is for currently enrolled college (or high-school) students.

The 5-week workshop meets Wednesdays at 7:30PM starting on Wed., May 3 at Nalandabodhi Connecticut.  See our calendar event page for the location details and map. Participants are encouraged to order their own copies of the book. Links for ordering are here.

A personal story

Rinpoche opens Emotional Rescue with the story of the early, untimely death of his father and how it set off his own quest as a teenager to find a way to relieve the powerful feelings of grief and discontent. With the help of his teacher, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, Dzogchen Ponlop learned how to work with racing emotions and thoughts. When he saw the “big role the emotions played in the drama of this life,” he began to delve deeper into his mind to understand all that he could about the energy of emotions.

Methods that make a difference

“I realized that whatever approach I took to deal with my emotions,” he writes in Emotional Rescue, “I needed ways that would work with my whole life – methods that would actually make a difference. I needed to be able to see myself clearly and to feel the emotions that touched me and colored my world every day.”


Rooted in his experience of the Buddhist path, which teaches that the key to understanding your emotions is to get to know your mind, Dzogchen Ponlop created the 3 Step Emotional Rescue Plan to help familiarize us with the inner workings of our emotions. Using the steps Mindful Gap, Clear Seeing, and Letting Go, we move from being victims to partners to creative collaborators with these profound energies. “When we bring awareness to our emotions, something truly amazing happens,” he writes. “They lose their power to make us miserable.”


Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is a renowned Buddhist teacher known for his warmth and wit, and the author of Rebel Buddha: A Guide to a Revolution of Mind. A lover of music, art and urban culture, Rinpoche is a poet, photographer, accomplished calligrapher and visual artist, as well as a prolific author. Rinpoche is founder and president of Nalandabodhi, an international network of Buddhist centers.