The Altruistic Heart: Training in the Four Immeasurables

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The “four immeasurables” or “four limitless ones”— loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity— form a series of meditative trainings designed to allow our inherent qualities of altruism to be transformed from dormant seeds to a loving presence that can be enjoyed by ourselves and everyone we are connected to.  Rinpoche introduces the view and meditation practices of these four trainings.

This teaching by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche on the Altruistic Heart is simultaneously profound, creative, funny, practical, and extremely helpful for both beginning and advanced practitioners. Sometimes, it may seem to us that our relationships with family, work, colleagues, friends and/or sangha are not workable. It may seem to us that our habitual pattern of negative self-judgment is inescapable. Rinpoche teaches us that with love and compassion everything is workable. With love and compassion, everything we do produces a positive result. By cultivating gentleness and trust toward ourselves, we can train our hearts and minds to become naturally concerned with the welfare of others. The four immeasurables are meditative trainings that transform our inherent qualities from dormant seeds to a loving presence. Speaking from the heart and from experience, Rinpoche’s teaching provides fresh and profound insights, opening our hearts and encouraging us to bring these teachings into our world. Throughout these talks, Rinpoche uses humor, examples, and analogies that make the teachings memorable and accessible. These teachings include a practice instruction for experiencing genuine love for self and other as well as several question and answer sessions. The final talk ends with a practice session with Rinpoche.

Please come join us for this four week video series beginning on Wednesday, October 11th. Feel free to join us for all or some of the nights.  All are welcome!

We invite a suggested donation of $5 per class, or $20 for the full class series (4 classes), but please do not let financial considerations to hinder you from joining us.

To donate any amount: 

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