Off the Cushion: Discussion on Buddhism and Race

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Nalandabodhi Connecticut is hosting a series of guided discussions in the coming months on several topics that deal with how to bring the dharma into our daily lives.

  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Buddhist Approaches to Dealing with Pain
  • Buddhism & Race
  • Bearing Witness To Death and Dying
  • Near Enemies of the Four Immeasurables

Those interested in participating in a discussion on a given topic will be asked to contact the facilitator and informally register prior to the scheduled meeting date. Participants will then receive a link to readings (typically one or two articles) and a list of Reflection and Discussion Questions. Discussion group meetings will last approximately 90 minutes, with a suggested donation of five dollars to Nalandabodhi Connecticut.

The topic of Buddhism and Race will be discussed on Sunday, August 12th, 10:30 am to noon.

The discussion will be offered again on Wednesday, August 15th, 

Please contact Richard Zipoli if you would like to attend: He will provide you with questions for reflection and discussion.

Nalandabodhi Connecticut

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