“Not Even a Middle” Mahayana Curriculum Discussion Group

7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

“Not Even a Middle” Mahayana Curriculum (MAH303) Discussion Group 

Mitra Karl Brunnhölzl’s revision of the entire Nalandabodhi Mahayana Curriculum (6 courses) became available last summer.  Now Karl has begun to teach MAH303: “Not Even a Middle” in Seattle.  He is planning to teach all 6 courses in the curriculum.

Though we can’t be in Seattle to take the course with him in person, these talks are available on the Nalandabodhi online study program.  We are delighted to offer a study/discussion group on Tuesday evenings at our Center to listen to Karl’s talks and discuss the material.  His presentation is very clear, and he makes the material, which can be difficult, quite accessible.

To join our discussion group, please register for the online course, using one of the three links below, and then let Krysha know that you have registered.  The MP3 recordings (90 minutes each for 10 classes in the course) are only available if you sign up for the online course.  (Once you have registered, you are also free to use these materials for self-paced study).

You must also purchase the printed course material (if you don’t already have it). You may order it using one of the links below.

Additional details of the schedule and discussion format will be clarified at our first meeting.  We hope you will join us and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Cost:  For those who have previously taken the MAH303 course, the cost is $20.  For first-timers, the cost is $40 for Nalandabodhi members, and $65 for nonmembers.

Registration for Online Course:
$20 repeat - http://www.nalandastore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MAH-303-Course-Member-Repeat
$40 first-time, NB member - http://www.nalandastore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MAH-303-Course-Member
$65 first-time, non-member - http://www.nalandastore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MAH-303-Course-Public

MAH303 printed course materials (with or without the Mahayana binder):
MAH303 course insert only
MAH303 course insert with binder
binder and all Mahayana course inserts, including MAH303.

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