Kindling the Spark of Awakening (MAH 302)

7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

On Tuesday evenings, starting June 20, we will begin a new NB Mahayana curriculum series course, “Kindling the Spark of Awakening.”

This course includes teachings on generating bodhicitta (awakened heart) and on lojong mind training (including the famous 7 points of mind training and tonglen (taking and sending) practice).

Although previous study of the NB Introduction to Buddhism series and the Hinayana series is helpful, this mahayana course material is very accessible and open to all. All are welcome.

The course meets Tuesday evenings, 7:15 – 8:45 PM. It features facilitated discussion of the readings from the MAH 302 course book. Please contact Barbara Brien or Richard Zipoli if you have any questions. The Nalandabodhi MAH 302 curriculum material can be ordered alone or together with other MAH300 series materials.


MAH302 printed course materials (with or without the Mahayana binder):
Nalandabodhi Path of Study: MAH 302, Kindling The Spark of Awakening
Mahayana Binder-1 with All Course Inserts (MAH 301, MAH 302, MAH 303)

Optionally, you may also wish to enroll in the newly released online version of the MAH 302 course, facilitated by Mitra Lee Worley. This gives you access to the online course MP3 recordings, which you could listen to as a supplement to the curriculum readings and discussion in class. If you wish to register for the online version to be able to listen to the MP3′s, you do not need to register and pay separately using the registration link above. Instead just register using one of the links below, and notify Barbara or Richard. However, you should still purchase the printed curriculum material if you do not already have it.

MAH 302 Online Course Registration:
MAH 302, Kindling The Spark of Awakening, Sangha Member, Repeat Online Course Text not included, $20.00 For Nalandabodhi members who have previously taken MAH 302.
MAH 302, Kindling The Spark of Awakening, Sangha Member Online Course Text not included, $40.00 For Nalandabodhi members who are taking MAH 302 for the first time.
MAH 302, Kindling The Spark of Awakening, Public Online Course Text not included, $65.00 For non-members who are taking MAH 302 for the first time.

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