Shamatha, Open Heart Circle, Pot Luck & Sangha Meeting

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

10 – 11:50 AM:  Shamatha Meditation Morning 

Looking to deepen your meditation practice?  Please join us for our Shamatha Morning. All are welcome. It is not necessary to attend for the entire block of time. We will intersperse the sitting meditation blocks with walking meditation. This format with a longer sitting meditation and silence during the breaks is designed to help the peace and stillness of sitting meditation permeate and deepen our experience. Feel free to come and go according to your schedule.

Free meditation instruction is available upon request. Please email Susan if you would like instruction.

Noon – 12:45 PM:  Open Heart Circle for the Ill, Dying or Dead 

In this practice, we will remember some relatives of our members who have recently died as well as friends and others around the world.

All are welcome to attend, and anyone with a friend or loved one who is ill or who has died may participate (by reading the name and lighting a candle) in the Open Heart Circle.  If you would like to honor someone who has recently died, it is good to have a photo of the person, and their dates of birth and death. If possible, please contact Susan before the Saturday practice for additional guidance. If you have the Nalandabodhi chant book (blue 3-ring binder), please bring it with you. You could also review the practice in the chant book beforehand. If you cannot attend, you could recite the Heart Sutra at home.

1 – 2 PM:   Potluck Lunch and Sangha Meeting

Following the Open Heart Circle, we will have a potluck lunch and sangha meeting with social time, reports from coordinators, and discussion and planning of our sangha activities. All are welcome. You can come for all or any part of our Saturday activities.

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