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Fresh Mind

Life can feel overwhelming these days with the impact of war and sickness, violence and inequality, the distraction of social media, and the 24/7 news cycle. Many of us seek a deeper meaning, a wish to unravel why things are and the way the are or find ways to make constructive changes that open us up to greater awareness, a more fulfilling relationship, a better life. Sometime we just want to stay calm in the midst of our busy lifes? freshmind helps us find balance and strength on a daily basis, connect with what’s positive, and discover our capacity for lasting happiness.

These are our values: kindness, knowledge, integrity, accessibility, relevance, benefiting others.

Discovering the truth of who we really are leads to freedom and freedom leads to happiness. We all want genuine happiness, but how do we get there? freshmind offers an accessible and relevant pathway to that transformation. Rooted in time-honored wisdom, freshmind is curated for contemporary minds.

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