Nitartha Institute BUD 502 Clear Thinking Course

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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We are offering a new series of Nitartha’s core curriculum courses, starting with the first course, Clear Thinking, beginning on Tuesday, September 4 at 7:00 PM at our Center in Bloomfield.  This course will be taught by one of Nitartha Institute’s highly trained teachers, Jirka Hladis, from Boulder, Colorado via computer.  Students may participate by joining us at the Center or from their home computers.  We encourage local participants to join us at the Center. The course will run for 7 weeks from September 4th to October 16th, 2018.
BUD 502: Clear Thinking

Course Description:

This course has a two-fold purpose: It presents a detailed treatment of knowable objects in the form of definitions, examples, equivalents and classifications drawn from Collected Topics, the introductory textbook of Buddhist phenomenology or Abhidharma; secondly this material is used to teach methods for thinking clearly about the teachings using the debate typology of the four types of relationships there can be between any two phenomena. We will train in elementary debate skills in a relaxed environment, such as asking for definitions, equivalents and classifications.

Required texts:

Root text: Collected Topics (Düdra), by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, Nitartha Institute Publications. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Clear Thinking Workbook, Nitartha Institute Publications. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


Please contact Barbara Brien at if you have questions or if you want us to order your texts for you.  Ordering in bulk cuts down on shipping costs so we will place a group order for those who are interested.

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