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Membership in Nalandabodhi Connecticut

After you have visited our center, explored our classes and developed a meditation practice, you may wish to make a stronger connection to Nalandabodhi by becoming a member. Membership supports both Nalandabodhi and your personal journey along the path. Becoming a member is an appropriate step to take when you recognize that you have a commitment to engage in the three paths that we offer.


Members are encouraged to engage in a daily meditation practice supported by guidance from a Practice Instructor, an experienced practitioner and personal mentor who can suggest classes and readings to strengthen our meditation practice. Opportunities for group practice and instruction also are available.


Our study path provides a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism to deepen our understanding of the teachings. Members are encouraged to engage in the curriculum developed and taught by our teacher, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Classes are available locally and online.


Nalandabodhi classes and events are run by volunteers. Classes are taught by senior students and celebrations are planned by community members. There are many opportunities for members to make a meaningful commitment to the community as well as to their personal practice.

Formal Membership

If you wish to support Nalandabodhi Connecticut and participate as a full member, dues are $40 per month. Dues support our study curriculum, Rinpoche’s teaching and our center’s activities. However, if this amount creates a hardship, it is possible to arrange to contribute an income-appropriate amount. Our Membership Coordinator can provide you with guidance about what membership means as well as information about discounted membership rates.

Sangha membership benefits include discounts on all classes and programs as well as eligibility for scholarship assistance to attend teaching events. Also, some online teachings offered by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche are open to members only. Finally, Nalandabodhi members who are in good standing with their local sanghas and who also are formal students of Rinpoche are invited to attend our annual sangha retreat at Nalanda West in Seattle, Washington.

Membership Payment Options

Pay by Check

You can pay by check by mail to the address below. You can pay in installments or in a single payment according to a schedule that works for you.

Please make checks payable to “Nalandabodhi”. Checks may be mailed to:

Nalandabodhi, c/o Lucy McMahon, P.O. Box 7124, Bloomfield, CT 06002

Pay Online (paypal or credit card)

By clicking on the Membership Dues button below you can choose to make single payments of $40, $60, or $80 or a custom amount of your choice. You can also choose to make this payment recurring, which provides an easy way to stay current with dues payments. Custom amounts easily allow you to divide your yearly payment into equal installments.

Membership Dues

Open Participation

Formal membership is not required to participate in many of our community activities. If you are interested in developing a meditation practice, attending classes, or participating in an occasional weekend program, we welcome your participation. Please visit our Donation page to find other ways to contribute financially.