Interconnected - Embracing Life in Our Global Society - Nalandabodhi Connecticut
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Interconnected – Embracing Life in Our Global Society

Sun., July 5, 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

We always have been and always will be interconnected — through family, community, and shared humanity. As our planet changes and our world grows smaller, it is vital that we not only recognize our connections to one another and to the earth but also begin actively working together as interdependent individuals to create a truly global society. The Karmapa teaches how we can move from a merely intellectual understanding to a fully lived experience of connection. By first seeing, then feeling and finally living these connections, we can become more effective agents of social and ethical change. In clear language, the Karmapa shows us how gaining emotional awareness of our connectedness can fundamentally reshape the human race.

Discussions will be led by senior Nalandabodhi Connecticut practitioners. It will be helpful to read the material to be discussed prior to the Sunday morning meeting. Karmapa’s book, Interconnected: Embracing LIfe in Our Global Society can be purchased at a variety of online locations, including Nalanda Store, Namse Bangdzo, and Amazon.

Topics to be covered:

Module 1 – Seeing the Connection

Our Interdependent World (May 24)
True Connectivity (May 31)
Being an Interdependent Individual  (June 7)
Equality and Diversity (June 14)

Module 2 – Feeling the Connection

Note: No meeting on June 28th – DPR Online Open Retreat

From Empathy to Courageous Compassion (June 21)
Opening Heart and Mind (July 5)
Authentic Freedom (July 12)
Responsibility as Opportunity (July 19)

Module 3 – Living the Connection

Sharing Resources (July 26)
The Value of Community (August 2)
Lenses for Global Society (August 9)
Linking Aspirations (August 16)

Online Location:

These discussions will take place online as Zoom meetings. Due to a Zoom-bombing event, we no longer make the meeting number and password available on this website. That information will be available in our weekly email newsletter. Please note that the password changes each week, so you must get the link and password from the most current newsletter as the information in earlier newsletters won’t work. If you are not on our email list and wish to join these discussions online, please send a message stating your interest to Pat Lee at pleedharma at gmail dot com. (You will need to write that address in the conventional way for Pat to receive your message. It is written in this somewhat cryptic way here to avoid it being scooped up by bots searching for live email addresses.) Also note that our Zoom meetings will now always use a “waiting room” as a further precaution against Zoom-bombing. You will have to wait for the meeting host to identify you and let you into the meeting.

Please support this course through donations. In this time of great need, we are sending half of donations received to Foodshare.

Suggested donation: Members: $20/module, or $5/session, Non-members: $24/module, or $6/session. Please donate more if you are able to do so, but we welcome your participation in this workshop even if you are unable to pay the suggested amount.

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Missed Sessions:  Recordings are not available for this discussion course.

Date/Time Date(s) - Sun., July 5, 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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