Changes for Health and Safety - Nalandabodhi Connecticut
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Changes for Health and Safety

Our Nalandabodhi community is grateful for the compassionate work of health care professionals worldwide. They are keeping everyone safe and informed. Each day brings new changes and recommendations to contain the spread of the coronavirus.  We continue to adjust our practice and study offerings to accommodate these changed circumstances. 

Our regular classes and practices are now being webcast (Zoom). Information about accessing our zoom practice sessions and classes is provided in our weekly newsletter. In order to receive our newsletter, your email address needs to be on our mailchimp mailing list. You can add your name and email by clicking here. 

Helping the Nalandabodhi Connecticut sangha Community

We are doing our best to keep in touch with sangha members to see if they are okay or need help. If you need help or have a concern about a sangha member you cannot reach or who needs help, please let us know.

Helping the Greater Hartford Community

We are offering a portion of the donations received from our Sunday morning book discussion class to Foodshare. The demand for food assistance is enormous in the context of job losses associated with the pandemic. If you wish to donate directly to Foodshare or volunteer, Foodshare is located at 450 Woodland Ave, Bloomfield, CT. Donations also can be made at the Foodshare website.

Nalandabodhi connecticut Donations

Some of our expenses are covered by the offerings that participants make at weekly practice and study sessions. These small donations accumulate to help us pay expenses, like the AV equipment and Zoom licenses we use to stream our programs.  Because our shrine room offering basket is out of your reach, please consider making small weekly offerings to our “virtual offering basket”.  Use this link and click on the donate button for Nalandabodhi Connecticut and type Zoom in the comments.

Joining online is available by adding your email to our mailing list, which you can do by clicking here.

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